About Me

The Art of Danny Korves – Painter, Sculptor, and Tinkerer

Wilma Flintsone and I at the Flintsones


My name is Danny Korves and I love to create that which has not been created. Being a daytime cube dweller many strange thoughts come to my mind. At night, in a basement studio, those things are brought to life. Where does my inspiration come from? Do I give thanks to higher powers or the consumption of many cups of coffee? I would like to believe my muse comes from a combination of the two choices.

Did my ancestors pray to a coffee god? Does the coffee god believe in me? Where do all those voices come from?

Education  My art education started out as a gleam in my daddy’s eye. In reference to the old saying, thankfully the best part didn’t drip down my mother’s leg. Mom was an art major in college and a fine teacher of both art and music. I did pick up some things from her, however I lack any formal training.

I consider myself a self-taught jack of all trades. As a child my family moved from state to state following  blue collar money. I spent many lonely days hunched over a drawing board with pencil in hand and crazy thoughts in my brain. I wanted to be a cartoonist by occupation but that wasn’t my destiny it seems.

I love to dabble in all areas of art, although drawing seems to be my strongest point. Painting, clay sculpting, and tinkering one-off projects are the things that bring me joy these days. I’ve tried my hand at music and video production as well.

Inspiration – Hanna-Barbera Arthur RackhamJohn Bauer,  Peyo,  Mark Kistler,  Tiki Mugs,  Gnomes,  Kitsch

Artist Statement –  “From Thought, To Hand, To Reality”